Applying for financial support to attend LIDINE2019:

We have limited financial support available to support the attendance of students and postdocs at LIDINE2019. The LOC will aim to maximise the number of participants who can be supported.

Preference will be given to people who have submitted abstracts.

To apply for financial support, please email the LOC: by July 4th with a cover letter explaining giving a brief description of your research, why you want to attend LIDINE and your reasons for requesting funding. You should also organise for a letter of support from your supervisor / line manager to reach the LOC by this date, supporting your attendance and confirming why this funding is needed.

Financial support is possible for accommodation, registration fees, and in extremely limited cases, travel. Please highlight which of these you would like support for in your letters.

Financial Support

LIght Detection In Noble Elements

Aug 28th to 30th 2019, University of Manchester